SNSD Girls’ Generation Gee Japanese MV on air now

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SNSD Girls’ Generation Genie Japanese CD single out now.

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Olivia Ong new album “just for you” out now

Original songs. Original Olivia Ong.  The angelic voice is back with a new groove.

“Just for you” consists of 17 original songs written by Olivia Ong.

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HQ Kpop MV HAM “So Sexy”

HQ, hot, sexy Kpop MV HAM “So Sexy”

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What is AQCD??

Purple silver alloy AQCD with specially developed substrate to more heat & light, this  silver aluminum alloy to replace the traditional surface coating, produced by sophisticated technology to reduce the number of CD disc error and improve the audio replay of the precise degrees, both on-site flu, balance and detail has been greatly improved performance, audio performance was significantly better than the average CD, high quality purple silver alloy AQCD, reproduce vinyl charisma.

AQCD manufactured by Memory Tech, Japan


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CAS vs CD, CD never die (Chinese edition)

First, I need to say sorry to all friends, due to my poor English. Using Chinese is better.

So, please forgive me. ^_^.

小弟設置了 CAS 糸统己經有年多, 並且非經常性到各大討論區及各大音欒檔案銷售網站作一些研究,


LP, CD, SACD, CAS 會各自各精彩的.

CD 並不會消失的.

1. 要設置 CAS 糸统, 要有對電腦有一定認識, 並不簡單, 亦不如將一張 CD 放在 CD player,
   然後按 play 一下, 便有音欒出來那樣方便.

2. 用於 CD 上的物料越來越高級, 從而減少資料損失 (data loss).

3. 大型唱片公司不會將 hi-res master file 作公開發售.
   他們另願等待未來的新技術, 再出新版本,
   而不會賣掉那 “會生金蛋的母雞”的.
   看看譚詠麟的 “愛的根源” 有幾多個版本, 就可以知道.

4. 非法下載是制止不了. 看看各大討論就知道.
   如果將 hi-res master file 作公開發售,
   收益有多少, 難以估計, 風險太大了.
5. 一般樂迷只安於 CD, 16/44.1 或以下的質素,
   並不太在乎高品貨的 hi-res master file.
   要求高品貨的 hi-res master file, 現在可算是小眾.

有些人會認為 CD 會消失, 只是一廂倩願的想法罷了.

LP, CD, SACD, CAS 會各自各精彩的.


computer  : PC
DAC       : apogee mini-dac (USB input)
USB cable : wireworld “ultraviolet” USB 2.0 cable
headphone : AKG K240s, K271s, K702
headphone cable : sweetcome sig. headphone cable MK-II

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HQ Kpop MV Secret – Madonna

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